Saturday, 5 July 2014

(HHT032) Dario Dep & Lasawers - Jupiter E.P OUT NOW!!

HYPNOHOUSE TRAX Are proud to present..
(HHT032) Dario Dep & Lasawers - Jupiter E.P
Release Date 2014-07-05
Labels Hypnohouse Trax
Catalog # HHT032

Grade A dance floor Techno!!!
Grab your Beatport Exclusive here...

(HHT030) Various Artists - Code Alpha E.P OUT NOW!!

Hypnohouse Trax are proud to present..
(HHT030) Various Artists - Code Alpha E.P

Here we have a truly global look into whats going on 
in the tough techno scene worldwide with artists spanning 
Tokyo, Brazil, UK and Germany, Get ready to tear up 
the system with these forward thinking funky, dance floor gems!



(HHT031) Various Artists - Hypnohouse Hardgroove Collection OUT NOW!!

Various Artists - Hypnohouse Hardgroove Collection
Hypnohouse Trax presents .. 20 of the best bangin' techno tracks from the new school of worldwide hardgroove artists!! All killers no fillers.. Grab them while they're hot playmates! 

 volume: iiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii[]iii 200%%..

Friday, 21 March 2014


We're over the moon to announce the launch of our new label Hypnotek909
Hypnotek909 is an off-shoot label of Hypnohouse Trax, Distributing exclusively through 909London (An underground portal which is the bastard child of The Stay up Forever collective and Kinetic Records). Hypnotek's output is mainly focused on the tougher, more energetic styles of techno, funky acid and Hardgroove sourced from some of the leading producers of these genres Worldwide, which while giving the label a broader appeal also further unites the underground, helping make a bigger Global noise and makes us even more of an ungovernable force.
Check out our first juicy release here were it is dominating the top end of the charts! ..

Keep it underground.. Join the dance!!

Friday, 31 January 2014


Hypnohouse Trax are proud to present..
Accentbuster -Isotopes E.P

Accentbuster delivers his follow up to the 'Operation Gladio E.P' released back in 2012 (HHT07) and here we are treated to three future acid house/technoid gems!
Bursting with energy, These perfectly crafted groovers are some of the best acid tracks to come out of Germany in years... Have a listen yourself and I'm sure you'll agree DOWNLOAD

Wednesday, 15 January 2014

(HHT028) OUT NOW!!!

Elektikall - Working in the shadow E.P
Hypnohouse Trax are proud to present.. 
Elektikall - Working in the shadow 
With Remixes by 
John Rowe/ Darkmode / AlfonSo Sanchez

Saturday, 4 January 2014

(HHT027) DJ Scale Ripper - Grand Pollution E.P OUT NOW!!

DJ SCALE RIPPER - GRAND POLLUTION E.P Release Date 2013-12-19 Labels Hypnohouse Trax Catalog # HHT027 Hypnohouse Trax 27 is here and this time we are taken on a journey to the dark and demented world of DJ Scale Ripper aka Xerofill. the Astral Tech Records head honcho delivers four dark dance floor friendly cuts of superbly produced, dynamic hard techno/acid.. Get them downloaded!! DOWNLOAD

Wednesday, 11 December 2013

(HHT026) Kriss Overlake - Hallucinogenik E.P

Hi Playmates, New Hypno release out today..

Kriss Overlake delivers his Hallucinogenik E.P to the Hypnohouse Trax label just in time for Christmas. Four fiercely funky techno tracks. Banging hardgroovers that are built for the dance floor and have his trademark tripped out production style. These all work tremendously well in any energetic techno sets. Don't let this package slip you by ..Grab your exclusive from Beatport today where you'll find it in the featured section