Saturday, 23 July 2016


**** HYPNOTEK909 14 OUT NOW! ****

► John Rowe - 'Wakey Wakey' Remixes
► Release Date: 16/08/2016
► Genre: Acid Techno
► Download:

Earlier this year we set a competition to remix John Rowe's acid techno track 'Wakey Wakey'  

A track which is taken off his recent L.P for 909London 'Dance It Off!' 

The response was amazing which made ity very hard to select just four cuts for the final release! 

We believe these are the remixes that best suit the labels style and we're very proud to present to you this absolutely wicked remix pack


01.JOHN ROWE - WAKEY WAKEY (Thomas Fox Remix)



04.JOHN ROWE - WAKEY WAKEY (Accentbuster Remix)

Wednesday, 6 July 2016


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► CAT: HHT050
► John Rowe - Selected Works 2
► Release Date: 10/07/2016
► Genre: Dark/Funky Techno
► Download:

Hypnohouse Trax hit their 50th release in style. For this landmark release it only seems right for label head John Rowe to put together a compilation of his own favorite productions, John has recently had a string of vinyl releases out on legendary techno labels such as Stay up forever, Interstate One, Flatlife and Scyth Squadron as well as a digital back catalogue that spans a decade on more than 20 established labels, 
He also has a full hardware live set that will blow your mind!

His material can be heard anywhere from the underground squat parties of the UK to the biggest clubs on the planet (Cocoon/Amnesia/Circo Loco/DC 10/ Ibiza/ Boiler Room /Berlin) 
Most of which have landed him at the top end of the techno charts if not the Top! Here he compiles his own personal favorites, 12 tried and tested dance floor weapons ready for you to drop into your DJ sets/digital collection for instant rave appeal! 

DJ's supporting this release so far...
Cristian Varela , Africa Islam, Afrozoid, Anderson Noise, Maceo Plex, Ben Techy, Billy Bunter, Chainsmoker,, DJ Javimar (DJ Mag Spain), DJ K.N (Mass United), DJ Link, DJ Warp (Japan) / Takashi Watanabe, Darkmode, Diarmaid O Meara, Dolby D, Fuma Funaky, Gemma Furbank, John Rowe [Hypnohouse Trax], John Warwick [Primate], Jon E Thin Bremmar, Kev Boustead, Lasawers, Luke McMillan, Marcello Perri, Mark Anthony, Mark Neenan, Moonplay, Nick Bjelopetrovich, Nick Bowman, Nori [Posivision], Roman Zawodny, Scientific Funk, Sirius Brown, Steven Mc [Forte], Tom Page, Veztax and you hopefully!

Support the artist directly and download in any file format at our bandcamp here:
 Also available at I-Tunes, Beatport,Traxsource,
Trackitdown,Juno and all major outlets!

Friday, 17 June 2016


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► CAT: HT909013
► NORADRENALIN - 'Don't Stop The Fuckin' Rave!'
► Release Date: 17/06/2016
► Genre: Acid Techno

Noradrenalin lands on Hypnotek909 with three highly creative acid techno bangers plus a 'bonus' remix of John Rowe's new wave acid classic 'Hypnohigh' 

1.Don't Stop The Fuckin Rave
2.Acid Love…
3.Save The Planet…
4.John Rowe -Hypnohigh (Noradrenalin Remix)…

Tuesday, 29 March 2016

IRON BLU (Mick Clarke) lands on Enigmatic Output!!!!!!

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► CAT:EO012
► IRON BLU - 'Prey'E.P
► Release Date: 25/03/2016
► Genre:Dark Electro/Acid House

Iron Blu is UK producer, promoter, DJ and broadcaster on Intergalactic FM.
He's had releases out on Biotech, Rothmans, Plastic Fantastic, Out Of Bounds, Endless Illusion, Vivod, Remote Influence,Goldmin, Minimal Rome, Magic Waves and his own imprint Flight Recorder

Iron Blu is no new-comer to the scene with a impressive production career spanning krautrock/cosmic, post-punk, electrofunk and is also a former member of post-punk electronic 80's band Naked Lunch
(of Some Bizarre notoriety) In past guises he's released on classic labels such as Blubber Lips, Hardware, Full Circle, HOS, Quad Communications, Coded, Global Underground and Morgan Khan's Streetsounds.

Here he delivers a deep and dark analogue/acid house E.P
that takes in various influences, everything from dark, mysterious Electro to Belgian New Beat all with his
trademark spaced out sinister Disco vibe!

You can support the artist directly and download a copy from Bandcamp here:
Also available at I-Tunes, Beatport,Traxsource,
Trackitdown,Juno and all major outlets!

DJ's supporting this release;
DR.Motte,Neil Parnell,Paulo AV,Bomba Dj's, Michael DeHey,Darkmode,Joseph Capriati, Louk,Tawa Girl,Accentbuster,Patrick DSP,Kenny Mulligan, John Rowe, Anderson Noise,Nomad Spectrum,Simone Pani,audiopirate,DJ Link, CEL36,Chris Collins,Alex Jockey,Nelman, and many more...

Thanks For The Support x

Thursday, 24 March 2016


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► CAT:EO011
► MIKE VOLT - 'Can You Feel It?' E.P
► Release Date: 23/03/2016
► Genre:Techno/Acid House

Can You Feel It? Can you feel the acid in your veins and rhythms in your brain? Mike Volt lands on Enigmatic Output with two brutally elegant acid cuts for the dancers and the heads. On Side A Volt channels the raw beauty of early Chicago pioneers with “Can You Feel It?”

The instantly recognizable Mr Fingers sample echoes like a call to prayer before driving the rave home with a hectic breakdown that further shows Volt's own production prowess. The flip see’s Volt in heads down mode, an acid line snaking between patiently built drums and percussion from the get-go, before unleashing the beast in a mind-melting acid solo. It’s one for the early hours and bleary eyed or one for as the night is starting to twist and turn into the acid wilderness. ”Fly to...” is aptly named, with the exact destination unique to each dancer, a musical journey for all on the floor.

Both cuts keep a club of any size shifting and the brilliant vocal clip would bring a brief moment of clarity to our raving souls. However you choose to use this EP, treat with care as this is not child’s play.
You can support the artist directly and download a copy from Bandcamp here:
Also available at I-Tunes, Beatport,Traxsource,
Trackitdown, Juno and all major outlets!

 DJ's supporting this release;
DR.Motte,PostHuman, Clarkee [Area 51], Patrick DSP, Paul Langley, DJ Hendrik,DJ K.N, Michael De Hey, Zombie In Progress,Afrozoid, Darkmode, Ohm [Iceland],Mark Neenan, Gemma Furbank, Jake Conlon, Jon E Thin Bremmar,Mark Anthony,Ian Void, Joseph Capriati, Kev Boustead, Louk, Marcello Perri, Nori [Posivision], Omid Dubtek, Onionz,Roman Zawodny, Sascha Zastiral, Acid Ted, Kenny Mulligan, John Rowe, Anderson Noise, Cedrick Ep Digital,Nomad Spectrum,audiopirate,Alodine,
DJ Link,Chris Collins,Alex Jockey,Nelman and many more...

Wednesday, 9 March 2016

(HHT048) CAR-D - 'The Bloke'

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► CAT:HH048
► CAR-D - The Bloke E.P
► Release Date: 09/03/2016
► Genre:Techno/Hard Techno

The Bloke is losing it, so is that bloke he is with, in fact the whole floor have thrown their heads and hands up to the heavens in a moment of fever-pitch! Car-D lands exclusively on Hypnohouse Trax with a driving, peak time cut for when your really ready to let rip. A kick and low-end that Joey Beltram would be proud of,“The Bloke" is unrelenting forceful techno with an acid chaser.
LasaWers derails you with the brilliantly hectic nature of his remixed breakdown, Justin-E excels by adding early groove to the already powerful drum programming and Juan Carlos gets the synth line moving to great effect. For when the crowd want it wild, you need this in your armory. 
They will thank you once they have pulled themselves back together some days later!

You can support the artist directly and download a copy from Bandcamp:
Also available at I-Tunes, Beatport,Traxsource, Trackitdown, Juno and all major outlets!

DJ's supporting this release;
Paco OsunA , Louk, DP-6,Michael Lambart ,Dr.Motte,John Rowe, Primitive Fingerprint,Afrozoid,Darkmode,Flash-x,Zombie in Progress,Justin-E,Joseph Capriati,DragonHoang,Alex Jockey,i1ambivalent,Chris Collins,Chris Chambers,Saimon,Giacomo Stallone,Michel de Hey,audiopirate,Dandi & Ugo,Twisted Kurt,Juan Carlos,Plan-E, Mss Tec & many more..

Thursday, 21 January 2016


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► CAT:HHT045
► EDELSTAHL - Bluefire E.P
► Release Date: 21/01/2016
► Genre: Techno/Acid

 We are happy to welcome EDELSTAHL to the ever-growing Hypnohouse roster
With his fantastic new E.P 'Bluefie'
Known for his outstanding live performances accross the Globe and highly unique,deep and powerful production style which has seen him have over a hundred releases in the past 12 years
Edelstahl (Carlos Weber) is a synonym for high quality productions with attitude and passion,which in turn has attracted highly respected artists/labels from across the techno scene:
Yin Yang, Amazing Rec, Amigos Recordings, Sub Cult, Gastspiel Records, Doppelgaenger
have all boasted a release or two from Carlos!

We're really looking forward to promoting such a great talent and bringing his fresh techno sound to you in 2016

This release also contains Three banging remixes from Odic Force, Gendefekt and Naked Van Mirk

You can support the artist directly and download a copy from Bandcamp here:

Also available at Beatport,Traxsource,Trackitdown,Juno
and all major outlets

You can watch Edelstahl's live set here:

Thanks For The Support x